Our job is to take care of yours

Our job is to look after yours!

We create Value, with Well-Being solutions for our Clients’ workers.

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Occupational health

Better health is more productivitySafe and healthy workplaces enable a satisfied, motivated, productive organisation, open to innovation and entrepreneurship and a driver for sustainable work.with national coveragewith national coverageGuaranteed conditions of...

Occupational safety

In strict compliance with the legislation is forceThe European Agency for Safety at Work identifies that for every euro invested in OSH there is a return of 2.2 euros, and that the cost-benefit ratio of improving safety and health at work is favourable. We assess and...

Food safety

Atividades de higiene e segurança alimentarA gestão da segurança alimentar é fundamental para a promoção da Saúde Pública e visa o consumo de alimentos seguros e inclui o controlo de perigos e riscos microbiológicos ao longo da cadeia alimentar, incluindo na sua etapa...

Professional Training

In economic and social terms, education and training are pillars for maintaining employability, reducing unemployment, fighting social exclusion and promoting equal opportunities. In individual terms, they are the basis for personal fulfilment and satisfaction. In...

Extinguisher maintenance

We satisfy our customers' needsCertified Service (Standard NP 4413) and duly registered with the National Authority for Civil Protection. We sell a wide and varied range of services, products and safety and hygiene equipment, in order to meet the most demanding needs...

Pest Control

Disinfestation studies and projectsWe carry out a survey of your needs and schedule the necessary interventions for effective control of urban pests, with a view to preventing combat, guaranteeing the safety of the people and the integrity of those...


Occupational Health

Occupational Safety


Hygiene and Food Safety

Cleaning and Sanitising

Disinfestation and Pest Control

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