Occupational safety

In strict compliance with the legislation is force

The European Agency for Safety at Work identifies that for every euro invested in OSH there is a return of 2.2 euros, and that the cost-benefit ratio of improving safety and health at work is favourable.

We assess and propose improvements to your company’s occupational safety conditions, focusing on your workers, infrastructure, equipment and procedures.

Technical reports
Corrective action plan
Legal obligations
Ongoing improvement

Services we offer


Working conditions audits


Risk evaluation



Multidisciplinary teams present throughout the country


Establishment of an action plan of activities to be developed, in partnership with the client

  • Increase productivity
  • Reduction of Work Accidents
  • Continuous Improvement

Focus on evaluation

  • Developed activity
  • People
  • Infrastructures
  • Work equipment
  • Procedures


Increased productivity
Accident prevention
National coverage

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