Occupational health

Better health is more productivity

Safe and healthy workplaces enable a satisfied, motivated, productive organisation, open to innovation and entrepreneurship and a driver for sustainable work.


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with national coverage

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Main characteristics

We ensure the protection and promotion of the health of all our clients’ workers through specialised occupational health teams.

Healthy working environments have been raised to levels of satisfaction, motivation, impact on worker productivity and on the sustainability of the organisation.

Services we offer:


Occupational Medicine Consultations (Admission, Periodic, Occasional)


Complementary Diagnostic Tests (Admission, Periodic, Occasional)


Clinical Analyses according to the worker's profile


Visiting workplaces


Medical screenings


Occupational Health Report


Outsourcing of clinical specialities


Occupational Psychology Service

  • Psychosocial Risk Assessment
  • Psychology Consultations
  • Trainings/Webinars


Increased productivity
Prevention of occupational diseases
National coverage

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